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Saturday, July 3, 2010


After getting roughly two thirds of the way through the grueling task of re-writing the dungeon generator object into its neater, more organised form, I decided to give myself a little break tonight and start work on the high-res models for the game. As you may recall, all of the terrain models that you've been seeing for the dungeon walls, floors and ceilings have been temporary low-res models that I whipped up quickly just to test my proof-of-concept idea. Now I've started working on the proper ones, and, as you'll see in the screenshot, they look REALLY cool now. Much more immersive and detailed than before, don't you agree? Anyway, let me know what you think. It'd be nice to get some feedback on my work!

Also, someone - upon seeing my design of the new dungeon look - asked me whether or not evil monsters would be able to do such neat stonework, so I figured I'd put my explanation here in case that thought process was the general consensus.
My thinking is that a rag-tag band of monsters wouldn't be good enough at mining or tunneling to be able to make their own dungeon hideout from scratch, so they would find temples or whatnot that are still being built by humans or elves or dwarves and slaughter the construction teams and take control of the nearly finished site, turning it into a dungeon. If they waited until it was finished, the place would probably be well guarded, but if they go in under the cover of darkness while it's just lowly construction teams working on it they'd have a far easier time of taking over. Once they had set up shop inside, it would be very easy to fortify.

Anyway, that's why the tunnels I've done up look half-done and still under construction. Though, in the final game, there will be many different "styles" of dungeons.

I will, however, share with you something I've been wanting to let out for a while now... MAN I can't wait to start work on the countrysides! The dungeons are great and all, but I'm beginning to feel... Claustrophobic!

See you again soon!

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