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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Small progress

As you can see, a fair bit of work was done last night. Some monsters are in the game. No AI yet, but basic idle animation is there. Their normal mapping seems to be working fine, so once the level generation is completed I'll get that working for the environment models, too.
On the topic of level generation, I did quite a bit of work last night to get it happening, but there's still some problems.

Good Stuff:
- The models are loading and positioning fine
- Everything is sticking to the alotted grid schematic

Bad Stuff:
- Corridors are intersecting where they shouldn't be
- I'm not certain yet but I think there may be some object rotation issues

More work on that tonight and on the weekend, though. I'm confident that I'll have something at least basically working by the end of the long weekend. I have nothing else planned.

New completed list:
- Basic test dungeon models
- Character movement (grid based)
- Basic lighting
- Model loading
- NPC model animation
- World asset generation

So, the updated to-do list:
- Get the world generation working (for dungeons, at least) on a 2D plane
- Get player collision working
- Basic AI (no player recognition)
- Range-of-vision processing (hiding 3D models that the viewer can't see to preserve memory)

Once that's completed I'll be able to start work on a 3D plane of dungeon generation! This game has multi-level dungeons, sometimes 10 storeys tall, so once the simple stuff is worked out, the harder stuff (which makes the game better) will come next.

Alex out.

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